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You can download my resume or contact me here. Hey, maybe you just do both?

Download My Resume

Whether you're a potential freelance client or potential future employer, you may want to read up on my experience and what I can do. You can download my resume by clicking the link below.

In addition, as always, my references are always willing to talk about me and my skills and how I've helped them build successful marketing programs. My references are excluded from my resume in order to assist in the reduction of SPAM to them. Need to talk to them? Just send me an email and I'll fire back their contact information to you.

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Reach Out

To get in contact with me directly, you can email me at mike [at] I look forward to speaking with you.









That's right... don't just take my word for it. My references consist of past employers and clients that are pleased to tell you my history of top performance and committment to company core values. Contact me directly to receive a list of my references today.